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Creating a Polymer Clay Flower Cane

Creating a Polymer Clay Flower Cane


A polymer clay cane is a log that has the same design running through the entirety of the log, when cut cross-sectionally, the same design is replicated over and over again - talk about efficient! 

polymer clay flower cane

How to use polymer clay canes? 

They are used in all sorts of ways! 

  • Polymer Clay Slabs - Create a polymer clay slab with repeating designs. Once you've cut your slices simply put them together and roll them out to make a slab. 
  • Resin - Bake the slices and add them to your resin creations in substitute of glitter or confetti! 

Now let's get started, here's how you can make a polymer flower cane: 

Creating a flower cane

Step 1: Choose colours 

Choose three colours, in our flower we used a rich yellow, white and a deep turquoise to make our flower. 

Polymer Clay Canes

Step 2: Create the flower

Roll out each colour into logs. 

We used yellow for the pistil and turquoise for the petals. The yellow is placed in the middle and the turquoise logs surround the yellow. We then used the white to fill in the gaps between the petals so that when we roll, the flower is not distorted. 

polymer clay flower cane

Step 3: Gently roll to create a log 

We gently rolled to create our log. After rolling a bit we also wrapped the log in white and continued to roll to complete the background. 

Step 4: Slice 

Use a sharp tissue blade to slice through. You can choose how thick to create your slices. Here we did 5mm slices. If you want to maximise your design, you can slice thinner. If your slices are thin you can then add them to a blank slab to create a flower slab or you can bake your slices to create a confetti! 

polymer clay flower cane


Needing more inspo? Wanting a different design? We found this awesome page with tutorials of all different designs!

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