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How to use Poethan Acrylic Resin

How to use Poethan Acrylic Resin


Acrylic Resin is a water-based composite material used to make decorative moulded objects. It is known as "eco-resin" as it is safe to use and contains no solvents or VOC’s. 

Acrylic Resin is a two-component material that consists of a mineral powder and a water-based acrylic resin. Acrylic Resin is environmentally friendly (most resins are oil-based, acrylic resin is water-based), safe to work with, fire-resistant, easy to use and has a fast processing time.

It is important to weigh and mix Acrylic Resin very carefully, based on the following mixing ratio: 1 part Liquid to 2 parts Powder by weight.

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  • It is recommended that you work in a well-ventilated space
  • If you intend to touch the Acrylic Resin with your hands use gloves
  • If you are working with large quantities, wear a respiratory mask
  • Do not eat or drink when working with Acrylic Resin 
  • Skin contact: wash with soap and water 
  • Eye contact: Wash immediately with water

Weighing and mixing

  1. Calculate how much Acrylic Resin LIQUID and POWDER you will require. Remember it is 1 part LIQUID to 2 parts POWDER. 
    For ease, you can use our Calculator
  2. Weigh out the amount of Acrylic Resin LIQUID
  3. Add the desired pigment to the measured LIQUID (pigment should be less than 2% of the total volume) 
  4. Mix the pigment with the LIQUID
  5. Weigh out the amount of POWDER required 
  6. Mix the LIQUID and POWDER components and stir until the mixture is uniform with no lumps. Ensure that the sides and bottom of the container are well mixed. 

Processing time 

Standard processing time is 20 minutes

Curing time 

Acrylic Resin is a water-based product. Therefore, residual moisture must evaporate before demoulding. The time required is dependent on temperature and humidity. To check whether the piece is ready to be demoulded, use a toothpick to assess the hardness. The piece will achieve optimal strength after it has been demoulded. 


Hand and skin can be washed with soap and water. To clean equipment, remove as much Acrylic Resin residue as possible and place in the bin. It is not ideal for Acrylic Resin to be washed down the sink as the hardening process will continue under water. We recommend using a bucket to wash your equipment to ensure Acrylic Resin does not go down the sinks. 

Storage and Shelf-life

Recommended shelf life of 6 months. Keep containers away from water and well sealed. Store at a constant temperature between 5-25°C.


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