Water Based Acrylic Resin Sealer

Water Based Acrylic Resin Sealer

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This sealer is a ready to use water-based coating (no solvent fumes) that can be used to protect Acrylic Resin against moisture. It is resistant to water damage, easy to apply and provides a low sheen/semi-gloss finish.  


  • High water, stain and dirt resistance 
  • Inhibits moss, mould and algae growth
  • Low odour 
  • Hard wearing 

To use:

  1. Surface must be clean of dust, oil and other loose particles 
  2. Apply a trial patch before full application to ensure the finish is as desired 
  3. Apply the first coat diluted 2 parts sealer to 1 part water using a microfibre cloth or sponge 
  4. Allow to dry for 1 hour
  5. Apply a second undiluted coat ensuring consistent film